Elect Kim Letto for Harvey Ward Councillor

Municipality of Trent Lakes

photo of Kim Letto Councillor Candidate Harvey Ward Trent Lakes



I live and work right here in the beautiful community of Buckhorn on Big Bald Lake.

My professional background is Retail and Restaurant Design and Construction Management and before that Marketing, Communications and Visual Merchandising in the retail industry. I have worked for several national chains, living and working in many urban centres across North America.

I am the President of the Big Bald Lake Cottagers' Association, the past president of the Buckhorn District Tourism Association and a former member of the Board of Directors for the Buckhorn Community Centre. I am a volunteer and corporate sponsor for many local community events in particular the Buckhorn Community Centre (BCC) and Community Care.

I am the Corporate Sponsor for the Rock the Locks event held by the BCC, Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism and Buckhorn District Tourist Association and the Title Sponsor for the BCC Golf Tournament.

I am the community liaison for the Buckhorn Dam Hydro Project and am a member of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism.

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