Elect Kim Letto for Harvey Ward Councillor

Municipality of Trent Lakes

Kim, Glenn and their dog Danny



As a local small business owner I have the opportunity to interact with new and seasonal residents daily and I strongly wish to represent their concerns and interests and be their resource for local area benefits. Their contribution to the tax base is no less important than a full time or year round resident and I want to encourage them to be more engaged and feel equally a part of the community.

To fully represent all residents, both permanent and seasonal,
I'd like to:

  • have a well thought out strategic plan to deal with the imminent development of the area due to the Hwy 407 extension
  • encourage residents to embrace development and progress
  • promote the Community Improvement Plan
  • give more weight to public consultation recommendations on important issues and have any dealings be open, honest and transparent
  • work with quarries for solutions, because they're here to stay and we need to compromise
  • strike a compromise on fireworks restrictions to help minimize the impact on our environment, domestic animals and wildlife and the enjoyment of local residents, whether this be through by-laws or public education
  • encourage pride of home ownership to homeowners and renters to encourage less garbage dumping and littering, better yard maintenance, more respectful noise levels
  • promote a sense of family and community by encouraging residents to be more engaged
  • encourage people to shop local and have businesses carry local products
  • be a resource my real estate experience has made me a valuable resource
  • Truly represent the people!

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