Elect Kim Letto for Harvey Ward Councillor

Municipality of Trent Lakes

Press Release

Kim Letto is running for
Harvey Ward Councillor, Trent Lakes


Kim has been an active member of the Buckhorn community for ten years and has been a local business owner for the past six. Kim and her husband, Glenn Joray, moved to this area ten years ago from downtown Toronto and love the sense of community throughout the greater area. They love being a part of the community and giving back.

Kim has often been advised by close friends, colleagues and acquaintances alike that she should step up and represent the area on council. Kim is a go-getter and a strong advocate of 'supporting local'! She is a methodical and well balanced personality who prefers to listen before making a decision and Kim gets to know the pros and cons before taking a stand. Her leadership as president of a local cottage association has proven that she does not take the easy road and thinks long term when making an argument for change. Kim is a strong believer in compromise with regards to progress and development.

"With the imminent development of the area, given the progress of the 407, we will be facing some major changes in the coming years and the framework for this progress should be a well thought out strategic plan."

Kim would like to see that public consultation on issues such as the Buckhorn Dam Hydro Project, the ongoing Community Improvement Plan and the consolidation/relocation of a Centralized Public Works Depot be made more transparent and carry more weight.

In the past ten years as a local resident, Kim has served on the Board of Directors of the Buckhorn Community Centre (BCC), President of the Buckhorn District Tourist Association (BDTA) and is current President of the Big Bald Lake Cottagers' Association (BBLCA). She also serves as the community liaison for the Buckhorn Dam Hydro Project and is a member of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism.

Kim is a huge supporter of the community and gives generously to the BCC and Community Care.

"I want to be part of a municipality that invites and encourages development and growth without compromising the heart of what we are."